Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Association

Photo courtesy of PA Sea Grant

Mission Statement

PLEWA is a program committed to protecting, restoring, and enhancing our region’s water resources.


PLEWA was formed in 2002 through a partnership between several key partners in the Erie region. Start-up funds were provided through the Growing Greener program with the Department of Environmental Protection. At the start-up of the organization, funds were available for staff time to help establish the organization as a coordinating organization for smaller watershed groups. PLEWA has assisted many partners and smaller watershed groups to meet their goals by helping bridge gaps and strengthen regional partnerships.

Current Initiatives

PLEWA is currently working in the community to address high-priority issues of environmental considerations. These priorities are based off of several planning and study documents. These issues include strengthening collaborations with the businesses and organizations located within the Presque Isle Bay Watershed. PLEWA is working toward developing other programs that help coordinate efforts across the surfaces of the environment, economy and community.

PA Lake Erie Sub-Watershed Representatives

Conneaut Creek: OPEN
Raccoon Creek: Jake Moore
Crooked Creek: OPEN
Elk Creek: Tom Fuhrman
Trout Run: Steve Porter
Walnut Creek: Steve Wasiesky
Presque Isle Bay: Mike Campbell & Evan Clendenin
Cascade Creek: Ed Kissell
Mill Creek: Mike Campbell & Mark Kwitowski
Garrison Run: Mike Campbell & Mark Kwitowski
McDannell Run: Marty Visnosky & Sr. Rita Brockey
Fourmile Creek: Dave Skellie & Ann Quinn
Fivemile Creek: Jake Moore
Sixmile Creek: Dave Beals
Sevenmile Creek: Sarah Galloway
Twelvemile Creek: OPEN
Sixteenmile Creek: Anna McCartney
Baker Creek: Diana Hatfield
Twentymile Creek: Chris Orton & Chris Saber
Lake Erie: Allen Krayeski
Great Lakes Basin: Pat Lupo

Interested in becoming a sub-watershed representative? For more information or to report a environmental issue in your watershed, please contact your sub-watershed representative or Pat Lupo or Sarah Galloway.