Delisting of Presque Isle Bay as an Area of Concern

By Michelle Homan
GreenEriePA Editor

In 1991, Presque Isle Bay was listed as an Area of Concern (AOC). In order to determine whether a water body should be listed as an AOC there is a list of fourteen beneficial-use impairments. The use impairments listed for Presque Isle Bay included fish tumors or other deformities and restrictions on dredging. In 2002, Presque Isle Bay became the first AOC to be listed as an Area of Recovery, which signified a change from remediation activities to monitoring of the bay's health. In 2012, the Presque Isle Bay Advisory Committee voted 13-7 to remove the bay from the AOC list (i.e., to delist).

Further information about the Presque Isle Bay Public Advisory Committee and the scientific studies that provided information on the delisting decision are available at the Presque Isle Bay Public Advisory Committee's website.

Image Courtesy of Bob Tarkowski