The Mending Place

Do you have a pair of pants that needs to be hemmed, a favorite dress with a rip down the back seam, or even a uniform that just doesn't seem to fit properly? Don't throw them away, take them to The Mending Place.

Sister Dorothy Stoner, OSB, work site coordinator, and Sister Katherine Horan, OSB, Associate Director, of the St. Benedict Education Center describe The Mending place as a place where almost any sewing project can be done. The Mending Place is part of The St. Benedict Education Center (SBEC) that provides sewing services for many projects.

The Mending Place has grown out of The St. Benedict Education Center's sewing classes lead by Sue Kirby, a volunteer. She instructs an eight week sewing class of about six people. Created with the help of Ellen DiPlacido and Mary Federowicz, both former staff members of SBEC, The Mending Place provides further opportunities for the participants of the sewing classes. Currently two former participants of the sewing classes are part of The Mending Place

Through the sewing classes and The Mending Place, the SBEC educates participants and gives them on-the-job practice. Participants of the Mending Place are learning lessons in English, workplace communication skills, filing, and records-keeping. The students of the sewing class take part in hands-on training in sewing, mending, altering, and creating. 

Erie residents are welcome to visit 330 E. 10th Street, check in at the front counter, and then proceed to the 3rd floor with a sewing project in mind. The project is typically done within a few days, depending on the size, and you have a brand new dress, pair of pants, or even set of curtains! There is no cost but simply a request for any type of donation.

The Mending Place students have accomplished many great projects for nonprofit groups, businesses, and community members, including:

Blankets for cradles made by another local nonprofit group to be donated to local children

Re-usable sandwich covers to help spread the word about our organization

Sixty seat covers for a local business in just two days

Game boards for a local college professor's lessons

Help for fellow workers by tailoring their professional clothing for interviews

These are just a few of the great community gifts The Mending Place students have completed, and all of this alongside the walk-ins that occur every day. Their community service truly comes full circle. 

Places such as these should be the first in everyone's phone book. Saving money, material, and clothing sounds good from every angle! The Mending Place is generally open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, and no appointment is necessary.