Reducing the Usage of Paper

By Robert Nicastro 
Gannon University Student Contributor 

The average office worker uses approximately one sheet of paper every twelve minutes (Tufts, p.2). Although there is no such thing as a "paperless" office, businesses and individuals can save money and make a positive environmental impact by reducing paper usage.

There is no "one right way" to reduce paper usage. Many companies are converting to electronic billing and storage, in which all documents are stored via computers. This ensures less printing and efficiently begins with a "vision" for future paper reduction. Other companies have incorporated double sided printers, reused paper, or created policies to curtail unnecessary photocopying.

Why is the Reduction of Paper Important?

It will potentially save several organizations thousands of dollars in the long run (Tufts, p. 36).

It will help to end disposal pollution.

It will cut down on the creation of harmful pulp necessary to create office paper.

It will decrease the risk of lost documents.