Green and Healthy Homes Website

By Brian Pierce 
Gannon University Student Contributor

Often when living in a city you forget how much of an impact that you can have on your surroundings. Everything from washing your car to turning on a faucet can have an effect on the environment. Little things that we do around the home start to build into larger environmental problems. Little things we don't even realize we are doing. With a little education these very household actions can evolve from something harmful into something that is not only eco-friendly, but also cost effective. 

The Green and Healthy Homes site aims to do just that. The website is a new and interactive experience that works to teach the public of Erie easy ways that they format their homes to be more eco-friendly. The site features tips and hints that you can follow at the click of a mouse to discover how each room of your home can be environmentally conscious. Cleaning your vehicle can also be an opportunity to water your plants: a simple solution that can conserve water while also saving money. This small tip is but one way that the site can improve the environmental impact of a reader.

The main portion of the site is a large graphic of a typical home that can be explored room by room in an innovative and interactive setting. Simple solutions such as what products to use to ensure a healthy septic system are found with ease. A major goal of the site is to ensure that the public has the knowledge to prevent larger environmental problems such as chemicals used when washing a car or an overuse of electricity. 

The site was created by the Environment Erie team in an attempt to make the public more conscious of their environmental impact and to have a positive impact on the city as a whole. The interactive nature of the site will set it apart from others and be a fun way to educate people. Green and Healthy Homes is an offshoot of the larger Environment Erie website and can be accessed easily from its main page. 

The site is expected to grow larger and more interactive as over time. The site is continuously looking for input from its users. Environment Erie program manager Matt Pluta has stated that the only way that Green and Healthy Homes can better help the public is to receive feedback from them. 

The site was created through funding gained through the Growing Greener Grant. The grant itself is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to groups devoted to advancing environmental protection. 

It doesn't need to be difficult to be environmentally conscious. Everyone leads a busy life, and being kind to the earth is not always the first thing on your mind. By following the advice given on the Green and Healthy homes site, having an eco-friendly home will become second nature.