By Craig Schill

GreenEriePA Writer 

There are many locations around the city of Erie that offer recycling services, including the Erie County Recycling Convenience Center. Because there are numerous recycling locations, it's relatively easy to find one in your area. Included below are links to local recycling business listings to help in locating a recycling center in Erie today.

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Why Should I Recycle?

Once you've developed a simple system, recycling is as effortless as depositing 
trash into the correct place.

It usually doesn't cost anything to recycle.

You, or local governments, could get money for some items.

Recycling reduces the amount of raw materials required to make new things.

It also reduces the amount of trash placed into a landfill at the same time.

Recycling eliminates some pollution from the process of transforming raw materials into consumer products.

Recycling supports community jobs at local recycling centers.

More Helpful Videos to Watch:
Scrapping the Trash: A Zero Waste Mission: (Penn State Extension) A video discussing recycling efforts at Shaver's Creek (Penn State's environmental center) since there are so many recyclable materials thrown away as trash at Penn State's main campus. The center has bins for items some would not think of, such as for styrofoam packages and food materials.


Photo courtesy of Carolyn McIntyre. Other photos used under creative commons by Chin and United Nations Photo.