National Pollinator Week Celebration

By Lindsey Douglass, Environment Erie Intern

National Pollinator Week was June 20 th to 26th, 2016, and Go Native Erie celebrated in a big way. For the 2nd Annual Pollinator Celebration, TREC hosted a wide variety of events that focused around pollinators, including live honeybee and butterfly displays, exceptional speakers, workshops, crafts for the kids, and more. Each day had non-stop action.

Not only is National Pollinator Week fun, it was also meant to be educational and eye-opening. Pollinator week was created by the U.S. Senate 9 years ago to draw attention to the decline of pollinator populations. Why is a decline so concerning? Jen Salem, a Master Gardener and founder of Go Erie Native explains, "pollinators are important to us because 1 out of 3 bites of food we eat can be contributed to pollinators." She goes on to say, "it's not just expected things like fruits and vegetables… wine and chocolate would disappear, so would things like beef and cotton." They are an essential part of global and local ecosystems, so it's important to learn about them. 

This celebration was a hit. "Last year's was an overwhelming success, we had a great response from the public," says Salem. The 2nd Annual Celebration was even better. Be sure to learn about pollinators in your area and be on the lookout for next year's Pollinator Week!

Thanks to Friends of Tom Ridge Environmental Center for being the major sponsor for this great event. For more information on pollinators, how to help pollinators, and the schedule of events, visit Contact Jen Salem at 814-835-3056 or by email for any questions you may have.