Buy Fresh, Buy Local: A Guide to Local Foods

By Catherine Bryan and Craig Schill

GreenEriePA Writers

Local farms across the nation are struggling to survive due to the influx of large corporate farms. One great way to make both a positive environmental impact and support the local community is to buy fresh, local foods. 
Buying local foods not only allows you to know where your food comes from, it affords you the opportunity to talk to the people who are growing your food. Buying organic, local foods also helps to ensure that you are eating fresher foods that have not been shipped halfway across the world, leading to better tasting, quality meals. Buying local also reduces fuel emissions needed to transport foods.

Why should you buy local foods?

You can show solidarity with local farmers, helping to build up communities that love and care for one another.

Buying local foods is better for the environment.

When you buy local foods, you are also buying fresher food.

You are supporting farms that use sustainable methods of agriculture.

You help to make it more likely that workers receive a fair wage.

All Photos are Courtesy of Goodell Gardens