Erie Vital Signs

By Catherine Bryan

GreenEriePA Writer

Erie Vital Signs' mission is to provide free, unbiased information about Erie County that clearly displays the areas in which our county can improve. The project hopes to guide change with data-backed conclusions about what is working, both here and elsewhere. 

Erie Vital Signs tracks several indicators to measure Erie County's progress in eight crucial areas: retention and gain of talented youth, community and civic engagement, cultural vitality, environment, health, the economy, Pre K-12 education, and regionalism.

In terms of the environment, Erie Vital Signs tracks: 

Population and housing density

The number of green & LEED buildings in the county

The rate of recycling

The website provides a straightforward display, using its data to inform, inspire, and provoke change. Do you know where we stand on these issues? How important are they to you? What can you do to change them? 
Erie Vital Signs is a collaboration by The Erie Community FoundationThe Nonprofit PartnershipThe United Way of Erie County, the Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership, and Erie Together.