What is the Community Resiliency Action Network of Erie?

The Community Resiliency Workgroup (CRANE) is an alliance of several organization in the region that have a commitment to developing a climate conscious community through education, coordination and implementation of projects that address climate change and build a resilient community. CRANE is a small working group that meets monthly to discuss goals and objectives as a group.

Our Core Group:

The core group includes NWPAGE, PA Sea Grant, Environment Erie, and Erie County.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to address the impacts of climate change through the development of a resilient community.

Erie Community Need:

Communities are increasingly finding it more and more difficult to keep up with both the immediate effects of Mother Nature and the slow build-up of long-term changes to weather patterns. Resilient communities are ones that are prepared to react to disasters in an organized and pre-emptive manner as well as continuing to grow and develop with the long-term changes in mind.

Our community is blessed with a mild climate and a lack of acute extreme weather, aside from lake effect snow. Over the last several years however, there has been an increase in extreme temperatures, severe rain events resulting in flooding, and dangerous OZONE days. Individual agencies and entities that deal with the effects of these events are seeing the effects of climate change, but as a community we are not looking at these events in a collective manner. There is a lack of connectivity within economic development, housing, and community facilitates with the long-term effects of climate change.

Currently in our region there is not a champion agency or governmental unit spearheading us to becoming a climate ready community. Nor does this group believe that one entity can or should do so. The purpose of this group is to begin the discussions among the community and coordinate efforts for addressing the regional effects of climate change.