How To Travel Green

By Craig Schill 
GreenEriePA Writer

What is Eco-friendly Travel?
Traveling green doesn't have to involve driving an electric car or riding a bike everywhere. The most important thing to keep in mind when using transportation and trying to stay green is to save as much fuel as possible. A couple of easy ways to do this are by using public transportation or just avoiding the use of fossil fuels altogether. If you live close enough to work, consider walking or biking instead of driving. It serves as an environmentally-safe form of travel, but it is also great for exercising!

However, the use of planes, trains, or automobiles is sometimes necessary to get from point A to point B. When traveling by plane, try to book a direct flight to ensure you use the least amount of jet fuel you can. Book an ecofriendly hotel/motel room as well to cut down on energy usage. Public buses and trains are viable options for public transportation as they use less fuel per traveler. Also, try to carpool when possible as this also saves gas. 

Why Should I Travel Green?

It's easy on fuel usage and your wallet.

It decreases greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide.

It keeps more cars off the road.

You are likely to meet people who share your ideals while on your travels.