Printing Concepts, Inc.

By Sherry Ziesenheim
GreenEriePA Writer

Located on Pacific Avenue in Erie, Pennsylvania, Printing Concepts, Inc. is a paper company that is certified as a green business in multiple ways. For example, all paper materials are eventually recycled locally to again become usable paper products. Also, all aluminum and plastic products in the workplace are collected and are also eventually recycled.

The company also uses vegetable-based inks in its printers since petroleum inks release volatile organic compounds (VOC), a known health hazard. VOC are still released but the amount is as low as 2 percent (regulations require inks contain less than 30 percent VOC). Vegetable based inks can be comprised of oil from flax, soy, safflower, and canola plants.

The company has received the following certifications as a result of its movement towards more sustainable practices:

FSC certification: Under this, the Forest Stewardship Council is attempting to reduce deforestation by making sure forests are managed properly and trees are replanted once the fully grown ones are cut down. This is necessary for the future of the planet's forests.

SFI Forest certification: This also promotes conservative forest practices where a business which owns forestland and operates with this certification must meet standards in order to retain it. The standards include the avoidance of harming biological diversity or the ecosystem as well as conservation of resources such as water and soil.

PEFC certification: Another forest conservation program in which Printing Concepts, Inc. is certified. Over 8,000 businesses have become certified through PEFC, the world's largest forest certification organization.

Website and Contact Information

4982 Pacific Avenue
Erie, PA 16506