Post Apples CSA

By Craig Schill
GreenEriePA Writer

Post Apples CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) located in Northeast is unique to the area and is very devoted to "green" operation. Gordon Post of Post Apples CSA is a fourth generation farmer who began the planning and design of the CSA in 2007. It is currently in its third year of selling memberships. At the start there were over 200 varieties of plants grown with the number increasing each year. The ultimate goal of the operation is to eventually have 1,000 members.

Gordon Post grows about twenty varieties of peppers, eight to nine varieties of squash, and ten varieties of potatoes on the farm. A portion of the plants are currently grown in two separate greenhouses to help them grow into later parts of the fall season, with hopes that a third greenhouse will be constructed soon to grow more tomatoes.

The farm is about as close to being organic as is feasible. Certain sprays are only used about three or four times a year compared to other farms that may spray twenty to thirty times in a year. A big reason less spray is necessary is because plastic is used in the fields to stop weed growth. The plastic also increases the heat in the area which helps to decrease moisture buildup which in essence decreases fungal growth. Two challenges that have been faced by Post Apples CSA are that of finding customers and learning how to grow new varieties of plants, the warmth of the soil, boosting growth, and decreasing moisture, which limits damaging fungi.

Memberships are separated into three categories: full, half, and quarter. These consist of members receiving a full bushel, half bushel, and quarter bushel of fruits and vegetables, respectively. Members can volunteer some of their time and work on the farm to receive a discount price. Members receive fruits and vegetables between the months of June and November, with the bushels consisting of different food each week. Prices of memberships along with more information can be found in the links found on this page. Prices are subject to change each year.

Website and Contact Information

Gordon Post
8893 Gulf Rd.
North East, PA 16428
Ph: (814) 725-3330
Fx: (814) 725-8103