Mason Farms

37 Years of Bringing the Country to the City

By Craig Schill
GreenEriePA Writer

In 1975, the family-owned business known as Mason Farms opened its doors to sell the Erie community locally made and locally grown products. The business is run by John and Sue Mason along with their two sons and daughters-in-law. The philosophy at Mason Farms has been to sell fresh fruits and vegetables where customers pick their own from a large selection. They also strive to maintain a friendly country atmosphere to add a touch of country to the area. Produce is offered at wholesale prices, and large orders can also be taken for anyone who would like to do so.

What makes Mason Farms even greater is its CSA component. Erie residents have the chance to attain either half ($300) or full (membership from June to October where each customer is given a reusable container that is half- or fully-filled with fresh produce weekly depending on membership. Each container typically contains between seven and ten various fruits and vegetables each week. A full container is valued around $25 based on the produce that is placed in it. Members' purchased produce is delivered on a set date and location every week in order to avoid confusion. Additional information on the Mason Farms CSA is available by calling 814-774-8592.

More information can be found at the Mason Farms website, where hours of operation are given as well as contact information. In addition, the business offers an online store where they sell fruit and gift baskets. Pumpkintown, the popular attraction at Mason Farms during Halloween, draws many visitors each year. A video discussing the event is available at the site also. Along with these items, Mason Farms also offers recipes for food dishes and services such as landscaping and cemetery service which are all described on the website.

Website and Contact Information

839 Peninsula Drive
Ph: 814-833-9933

4115 Old French Road
Ph: 814-864-7276

8603 West Lake Road
Ph: 814-774-8592