Reusable Mugs Encouraged at Erie’s Best Coffee

St. Martin Center held its annual coffee tasting competition at the Bayfront Convention Center on Sunday, February 24. Event organizers encouraged attendees to bring their own reusable mug and had reusable mugs for sale.

Local and regional coffee houses were filling reusable mugs with their finest brewed coffee.

“It’s exciting to see reusable mugs encouraged at an event like this. Less trash is generated from the single-use tasting cups and it’s easy to rinse out a mug and reuse it,” said Director of Communication and Community Development Director, Leann Sestak.

“It’s overwhelming when you add up behavior over the course of a lifetime. If you plan to work until you retire and need that cup of joe to help you out that could add up to 11,700 cups over your working life.”

Reusable mugs and travel mugs are easy to come by and can easily be refilled at any coffee shop. Some times discounts are offered for bringing in your own mug.

Winners of the competition are as follows:

  1. Best Decaf: Brew Ha Ha at the Colony
  2. Best Flavored: Premium Coffee Co of Erie
  3. Traveler's Choice: Mugs & Muggles - Coffee, Tea, & Smoothie Shoppe
  4. Erie's Best Coffee: Premium Coffee Co of Erie