Environment Erie Receives Growing Greener Funds

Environment Erie received $37,500 from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to work with schools using their service-learning model to implement stormwater projects.

This grant will build on the success of past grants from the DEP. According to Executive Director, Honey Stempka, “Students are led through a multi-step service learning model to identify the stormwater problem, research possible solutions and engage with stakeholders to implement the identified solution. A great example of this model in action is the rain garden installed at Iroquois Elementary in the southwest corner of the parking lot to prevent erosion from stormwater runoff.”

Funds from this grant will go towards projects at Joanna Connell and Iroquois Elementary. Environment Erie, students, teachers and project partners have installed 10 rain gardens at schools throughout the county which provided an opportunity for experiential learning and addresses stormwater issues on school grounds.