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Watch for more groundbreaking work on investing in supply chain resilience and the transition to a circular economy.

More companies and municipalities are looking beyond just removing carbon from the air to methane, soot and HFCs.

Why a cattle farmer has a beef with some environmentalists.

Internet sales are a massive market — but with high rates of returns and half of those going to the landfill, something has to change.

New reports estimate that asset managers from around the world are significantly expanding their ESG investments.

The accumulation and concentration of marine plastics have grown significantly over the past half-century. Here's why that matters.

Featuring interviews with Lindsay Baker, head of sustainability for the fast-growing shared workspace company, and Nicolas Brusson, co-founder and CEO of carpooling company BlaBlaCar.

Architecture and design have radically changed for the sake of sustainability in recent decades. It's past time to consider the effects of the built environment for all communities.

There has been an uptick in interest and activity this year.

The executive director of sustainability talks using sustainable business strategy as a lever, not just a lens.

Environment Erie received the 2019 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for the collaboration with neighborhood organizations to reclaim vacant lots. The project partners include: SSJ Neighborhood Network, Our West Bayfront, ServErie, Academy Neighborhood Association (Erie, PA), Bayfront East Side Taskforce.

Environment Erie co-hosted a climate panel titled, "Climate Change in Action" at Penn State Behrend in conjunction with Behrend's School of Humanities and social sciences.

St. Martin Center held its annual coffee tasting competition at the Bayfront Convention Center on Sunday, February 24.

Environment Erie hosted 220 of Erie’s finest sleuths for its annual murder mystery dinner at the Bourbon Barrel on Saturday, February 16. The event raised $10,000.

Environment Erie received $37,500 from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to work with schools using their service-learning model to implement stormwater projects.