Student Education

Our Education program comes in multiple forms. From students and classroom education, to adult and public education. Environment Erie strives to teach the young and old what they can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our student education program is called Earth Action. The Earth Action program is a project or experiential based learning program. Students, in grades k-12, follow a six step process to complete a project at their school. The students are the leaders, decision makers, and doer’s of each project.

Earth Action is youth action on behalf of the environment. Earth Action challenges youth and educators to make a difference in the watershed where they live, work and play.

Students attend multiple Youth Training Days throughout the school year which connects them with local professionals who teach students about a specific environmental topic.

Once students complete an Earth Action service learning project they are encouraged to attend the year end Youth Summit. At the summit student showcase their projects they have worked on throughout the year.

Public Education

Our education program goes beyond the classroom and students. We also host numerous public workshops on:

  • composting workshops
  • residential stormwater management workshop
  • septic system maintenance workshop
  • green and healthy homes workshop

All workshops are open to the general public residing within Erie County.

2015-2016 Initiatives

  • Green Schools
  • Gardens, Compost, Trees and Landscaping, Rain Gardens

Energy, Waste Management, Green Products
Alternative Energy and Technologies
Climate Change
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP’s)

To see an interactive story map of all of the schools Environment Erie has worked with click HERE