Community Initiatives

What are Community Initiatives?

Additional activities that are a priority to Environment Erie include our community-wide initiatives. These initiatives span community-wide and are implemented through partnerships. We are proud to be key players in programs that encourage recycling, educate on climate adaptation, implement climate change planning, increase our natural beauty yet preserve economic growth, and provide leadership within associations and member groups. To learn more about the community initiatives read more below.


Developing an effective recycling program with RecyclErie will not only ensure that your business is in compliance with the law, but will also take away all the guessing and hassle that goes with it. This program will put you in contact with a waste hauler that recycles using the SINGLE-STREAM processes, provide you with several compelling incentives, and will even train your employees for you.

Community Resiliency Work Group

The Community Resiliency Workgroup (CRW) is an alliance of several organizations in the region that have a commitment to developing a climate-conscious community through education, coordination and implementation of projects that address climate change and build a resilient community. The CRW is a small working group that meets monthly to discuss goals and objectives as a group.
The core group includes:

  • PA Sea Grant
  • Environment Erie
  • Erie County

Community Rain Barrel Art Event

The public art project, by EnvironmentErie, Headwaters NRC Trust, and the Erie County Conservation District, will take place within Erie County at publicly accessible locations such as the Colony Plaza, North East wineries, and other local businesses located near State Street and the public dock. Our goal is to simultaneously showcase our local art talent while educating the community about the benefits of harvesting rainwater and water conservation/health. Environment Erie is working closely with the Erie County Conservation District on this event. Learn more by clicking the link on the side menu.