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Become a Weed Warrior!

Weed Warriors is a volunteer program that helps protect Presque Isle State Park by focusing on the removal of invasive plant species. We train volunteers to protect and restore state park native plant communities and wildlife habitat.

Volunteer cutting Bittersweet

Invasive plants often crowd out, or out-compete those native plants that other wildlife such as birds, insects and deer need to survive.

The Weed Warriors have been called on to be part of the Presque Isle State Park Invasive Species Management Plan to help remove those invasive plants that are present and prevent the introduction and spread of new invasive plants on the Park.

Why Weed Warriors?

Invasive plant species continue to spread in our fields and forests, altering plant communities and reducing habitat value. Volunteers can play a major role in preserving the ‘Pennsylvania’ nature of our state parks. Native plants are the life support for almost every living thing in our environment. Without the native plant community on Presque Isle the diversity of birds, insects, rodents and other vertebrates would decrease.

Students with Garlic Mustard

Who's Invited?

The Weed Warrior Program is designed to accommodate ANYONE in the community who wants to get involved. It’s a great opportunity for students to get service hours, for college students to gain field experience with invasive plants, for educational field trip activities, for businesses and organizations looking to give back to the community, and for those Presque Isle enthusiasts and any earth-minded citizen who wants to volunteer.

How to get involved?

Work Days:

Window cutting Bittersweet

Every Tuesday starting at Noon, begining in mid to late April depending on the weather.

  • Group events available upon request.

Parking and Meeting:

Meet and park at the Stull Interprative Center, 5 minutes before each event.


Honey Stempka, Executive Director