Environment Erie

Success Stories

2014-2015 School Year

Pfeiffer Burleigh Beautification Project (Ongoing)

Students from Pfeiffer Burleigh Participating in the Beautification Project

Students in all grades from Pfeiffer Burleigh work hard to make their school and community a better place to learn, play, and live. With support from Erie Insurance and Country Fair, students are able to make the school grounds cleaner, and help to improve the landscaping. Not only do the students help to make the school grounds beautiful, they go above and beyond, and make the community beautiful. During the course of this project these students have helped to improve a vacant lot next to the Country Fair on 12th and Parade by creating a park like setting. This lot now has a winding pebble pathway with multiple mound gardens filled with fragrant plants and two golden delicious apple trees. The project is on going, and the school has now created a green team with over 25 students participating. The Green team is planning to complete new landscaping on the 12th street entrance of the school and add a new path and more gardens at the Country Fair site.

Joanna Connell Students aim to help a wetland on school Property

Students from Joanna Connell participating in invasive species removal

The fifth grade students at Joanna Connell are set on making the wetland on school property a better place so the school can use the area for an outdoor classroom. The first phase of making this four acre wetland and outdoor classroom is removing the unwanted plants. Students helped to pull out 20 bags full of Garlic Mustard, an invasive species to our area impeding the growth of native wild flowers. When students were removing the invasive plant they notice something very disturbing. What they notice was the amount of trash in this wetland. These students were driving to clean this trash. Through the course of the school year and many clean up events, this group pulled out over 600 lbs of trash. This project is still happening and will continue into the future. The goal is to one day have the wetland be used as an educational tool.

Iroquois Elementary Students aim to recycle in the cafeteria

IES Green Team pose in front of the Recycling center in the cafeteria

The Iroquois Elementary green team students notice the lack of recycling going on in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch. The students decided a change to this was in order. They worked with cafeteria staff to implement a recycling center in the schools cafeteria. The recycling center was not enough, though. The green team then went to all the classrooms to educate each of their peers what what can be recycled and what to throw away. Since the installment to the recycling center the school has been able to reduce its waste by almost half. Way to go IES Green Team!

PPCP Books made by Ms. Radock's 7th Grade Class at Fort LeBoeuf Middle School
  • PPCP Booklet: Shampooing on the Town (1.86 MB)
  • PPCP Booklet: The Mighty Thor Loves the Earth (2.91 MB)