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Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a method of teaching and learning that enriches students lives by engaging them in meaningful hands on service to their community while giving them the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills that connect with what they are learning in the classroom.

Earth Action is a program that would like to encourage students and teachers to get involved in their schools and communities by doing an environmental service learning project. But you won’t be alone! The Earth Action staff and volunteers will be a resource along the way, providing training, experts and encouragement.

So what are the steps do you need to take for a successful environmental service learning project?

Choose It

First, Choose it. Do an inventory of your watershed. Identify the environmental issues in the region; assess the needs in your community - your neighborhood, school or center; research and learn about the environmental issues that people are concerned about. Choose an issue.

Research It

Then, Research it. Access a variety of resources to discover how and why the issue is a problem in your community. Examine present policies and practices, look for alternatives and evaluate them. Identify stakeholders.

Plan It

Next, Plan it. Develop an Action Plan: set goals, look at options, and identify strategies. Remember to also establish your timeline, delegate tasks, prepare a budget and list ways to raise funds and get the word out.

Do It

Then, Do it. Put your plan into action. Keep a journal of your progress, take pictures, catalog your project.

Evaluate It

Next, Evaluate it. Analyze and reflect on your project. Evaluate the effectiveness of your project. Thank all your partners and stakeholders.

Share It

Finally, Share it. Get the Word Out - communicate your knowledge to others. Send your project Story to Earth Action. Celebrate with your stakeholders.