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Community Rain Barrel Art Project

People Choice Winner

People Choice Winner

Don't Give up the Drip, Community Rain Barrel Art Project

The public art project, by Environment Erie, Headwaters NRC Trust, and the Erie County Conservation District, takes place within Erie County at publicly accessible locations such as the local universities, Village West Plaza, North East wineries, and other local businesses located near State Street and the public dock. Our goal of this project is to simultaneously showcase our local art talent while educating the community about the benefits of harvesting rainwater and water conservation/health. These 55 gallon plastic barrels have been amazingly transformed into functioning pieces of art work, as 46 artist have showcased their talents on this unique canvas. All 52 barrels have been sponsored by a local businesses or organizations, and will be on display for public enjoyment by Memorial Day 2016. Please check out our interactive map to find all the locations and artist.

Interactive Map

Why use rain barrels:
Home & Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo

  • Collect rainwater to water flowers and gardens;
    and to wash outdoor items such as cars and pets.
  • Rainwater is better for your plants — it’s fluoride
    and chlorine free.
  • Using rainwater will lower your municipal water
    usage and your water bill.
  • Collecting and reusing rainwater helps cut
    down on flooding and erosion of the land
    around buildings.
  • Collecting rainwater reduces runoff — the water
    during rainstorms that washes pollutants into
    our streams and lakes.

    Business Benefits:
  • Increased potential customers from the Erie and surrounding communities
  • Sponsor recognition in all media coverage and public brochures/map
  • Presence and recognition at the public unveiling at the Home and Garden Show in March 2016
  • Showcase a professional, custom-painted rain barrel at your location

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