Environment Erie

Upcycled Halloween

Calling all creative minds!

Showcase your talent at Environment Erie’s Upcycled Halloween on Tuesday, October 30.
Create an extraordinary Halloween costume from ordinary, everyday things.


Important Dates

  • As soon as possible, send an email with subject line UPCYCLE to Info@environmenterie.org with 3-4
    sentences about your design concept and potential materials. First 33 entries will be accepted.
  • By October 11, pay $8.50 entry fee and send three pics (front, back and side) to info@environmenterie.org
  • October 17-29, promotion of costumes via social media
  • October 30, The top 3 will be revealed and the top 11 showcased at Room 33, those in attendance will vote for the best Upcycled Halloween costume. All entrants are strongly encouraged to attend in costume.

Upcycled Halloween Guidelines

  • Printable Guidelines
  • 1. You are debuting a complete outfit. Top and bottom or dress of some sort, plus appropriate accessories.
    2. The outfit must be recognizable as a Halloween costume (it’s the day before Halloween, so reuse it and
    wear it the next day!)
    3. Outfits should be modest, if you wouldn’t wear it in front of Grandma…
    4. Teams must include at least 1 designer and 1 model, max of 3 designers on a team
    5. One costume submission per team.
    6. There is a $8.50 entry fee per team. Pay here.
    7. Outfit must be at least 75% constructed out of things that are normally thrown away or recycled.
    Materials should generally be free of dirt, dry (you’re making another human wear this outfit) and
    somewhat identifiable.

    Suggestions include, but are not limited to: cardboard, steel/tin, recycled fabric or clothing,
    aluminum, plastics, paper cartons, chipboard, newspaper, mixed papers (magazines, junk mail, and
    catalogs), and paper bags. Used clothing is acceptable provided it has been significantly repurposed
    and redesigned into something substantially “new.”

    Materials/things to avoid: Trash bags or compostable/biodegradable items, think kitchen scraps. Steer away from adult related items (beer cans, wine bottles, cigarette boxes, etc) and offensive statements, etc.

    8. Binding/sewing materials can include duct tape, glue, thread, packing tape, staples, glue guns, etc.
    9. At least 1 design team member and the model must be available to attend show on
    Tuesday, October 30 at Room 33, from those ranked in the top 11. Models and designers must show up
    ready for a brief dress rehearsal at 4:15 p.m. The event is from 5-8 p.m.
    10. Designer team members, models or attendees under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Judging Criteria:

    Workmanship – the quality of construction, neatness, and attention to detail given in creating the costume.
    Originality – the uniqueness, inventiveness, creativity, and original thought of the costume and accessories.
    Overall Impact – the effectiveness of the complete “look” including thoughtful choice of accessories, hair style, and make-up.
    Sustainability – longevity of the creation. Can it be worn again or will it end up in the landfill or be diverted to the recycle bin?

    How to submit:

    Submissions are accepted online only.

    First, send an email with subject line UPCYCLE to info@environmenterie.org with 3-4 sentences describing your design concept and potential materials.

    The first 33 submissions will be accepted; you will receive an email in response to your submission that includes the number of your submission and additional instructions.

    The 33 designers accepted will need to complete the following by October 11:
    Pay $8.50 entry fee online at environmenterie.org/events/upcycled-halloween (or just find our events
    tab, then click “Upcycled Halloween")
    Three photos of your model in your outfit (will be used for social media promotion), one front view, one back view and from the side (fun poses are encouraged) to info@environmenterie.org

    The best of the best will be voted for by event attendees October 30 at Room 33. Only those in attendance at Room 33 on the evening of October 30 will be able to participate in voting for the top three costumes.

    Cash prizes: First Place, $100, Second Place, $75, Third Place, $50